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Occultic;Nine: Underwater

Season 1 Episode 1

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Yuta Gamon, a high school student, runs a blog about supernatural phenomena. With a thirst for an increasing income, he is looking for ways to gain more followers.

Occultic;Nine: Occultic;Nine

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The multitude of small, miniscule discomfort later develops into a case so large it is beyond imagination... Yuta Gamon is a 2nd year in high school. He runs "Kiri Kiri Basara", an affiliate blog that rounds up occult...

Durarara!!x2 (Dub): Those Who Meet Must Part

Season 1 Episode 36

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A boy who yearned for the extraordinary, and the twisted love story that swallowed up too many people, finally draws to the end of their performance!

Durarara!!x2 (Dub): Life Is an Unknown Course

Season 1 Episode 35

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Above the confusion of the city below, Mikado and Masaomi finally reunite. Masaomi frantically attempts to persuade his friend, but… Meanwhile, Shinra continues after Celty and encounters Kasane, who tells him the rea...

Haifuri: In a Pinch with the Last Battle!

Season 1 Episode 12

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Are you guys ready for the final fireworks show?! Grab your big shark plushie, and tune in as we join Akeno and her crew in this booming finale!

The Asterisk War: Reunion

Season 2 Episode 24

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The exciting season finale of The Asterisk War!

Haifuri: In a Pinch with a Battleship’s Big Cannon!

Season 1 Episode 11

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Blue Mermaids to the rescue! Can the Harekaze keep up? Tune in this week as Operation: Perseus is a go!

The Asterisk War: The Lonely Strega

Season 1 Episode 23

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Julis's brother, Jolbert, wants to discuss two important topics with Julis and Ayato. While spending time in Lieseltania, Julis runs into a face from her past.

Haifuri: Happy at the Equator Festival!

Season 1 Episode 10

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Don't worry Coco, it'll be okay! Tune in as we find out what the Harekaze crew members will do during two days of repair time!

Haifuri: Mina in a Pinch!

Season 1 Episode 9

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Sisters at sea, Akeno's family grows by the episode! Tune in this week as we welcome even more family members in pink!

The Asterisk War: Lieseltania

Season 1 Episode 22

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Ayato and his friends visit Lieseltania, where they are greeted with great enthusiasm! Surprisingly, Claudia has an interesting proposal for Ayato, Julis, Saya and Kirin.

The Asterisk War: Clinching Victory

Season 1 Episode 21

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The final match continues… Which team will win the Phoenix Festa?

Haifuri: In a Pinch with the Hiei!

Season 1 Episode 8

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It's time to find out about that big looming, scary ship! Who could that be? How should we welcome them this week? Find out as Akeno and her crew cook up some new ideas!

The Asterisk War: The Phoenix Showdown

Season 2 Episode 20

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Ayato and Julis are facing AR-D and RM-C in the Phoenix Festa finals. In the meantime, Saya and Kirin are trying to rescue Flora!

Haifuri: In a Stormy Pinch!

Season 1 Episode 7

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Akeno's family grows by the week! Who could they run in to this week? Tune in as we meet the new, cutest family member ever!

The Asterisk War: Battle Song

Season 2 Episode 19

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Rotlicht... Ayato is sniffing around in this part of the city, hoping to get a clue about where Flora might be... Unfortunately, his efforts disturb some people.

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