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Occult Academy: Kozue In the Summer

Season 1 Episode 5

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Maya has decided to stop the prophesy herself and Bunmei is confused about the sudden change in attitude. Meanwhile, Kozue heads down the path towards the occult... Non-rusting spoons, ghost summoning, tsu...

Occult Academy: The Collapse of Bunmei

Season 1 Episode 4

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Maya and Kozue have vanished. Fumiaki and Mikaze follow a witness' lead and search Minakamiyama; a power spot known as Japan's pyramid. As they enter a temple in the center of the mountain, they find a cave th...

Occult Academy: MIKAZE blows through

Season 1 Episode 3

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People are vanishing all around Occult Academy. Maya hears that a Tengu is behind it, and tells Fumiaki that he needs to investigate, since it may be related to the Key of Nostradamus. Their goal is to find the key of...

Occult Academy: The advent of BUNMEI

Season 1 Episode 2

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July 1997: everybody is talking about the prophecies of Nostradamus, and the famous spoon-bending boy Bunmei. Maya insists that she hates the occult, and becomes the principal with the intent of disbanding the school.

Occult Academy: MAYA’s Prophesy

Season 1 Episode 1

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The year 1999, seventh month, From the sky shall emerge a great King of Terror. Waldstein Academy in Nagano. AKA "Occult Academy." A school where you can study spirits, monsters and every manner of the occult.

Sword Art Online: General of the Blazing Flame

Season 1 Episode 20

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Kirito and Leafa have made it to the meeting and Kirito's bluff as an ambassador has been called out. If he can survive in a fight against the Salamanders General Eugene, his plan to prevent a war might work.

Sword Art Online: The Lugru Corridor

Season 1 Episode 19

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Something isn't right; Recon has sent Leafa a message “I was right. Be careful. S." What does he mean and will Leafa and Kirito have the time to figure it out?

Sword Art Online: To the World Tree

Season 1 Episode 18

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Leafa is making enemies leaving her area and group to team up with Kirito. On their way to neutral Territory, they speak more of the rules and areas of the ALO.

Sword Art Online: Captive Queen

Season 1 Episode 17

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As Kirito learns about the game from Leafa and the hatred between the races, Asuna learns the truth of her role from the Fairy King.

Sword Art Online: Land of the Fairies

Season 1 Episode 16

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A new MMO allows users to fly and encourages player killing. Kirito has joined this new game in search of Asuna and is pleasantly surprised with what he finds.

Sword Art Online: Return

Season 1 Episode 15

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Kirigaya is adjusting to his life outside of the game, but he hasn't forgotten about Asuna. A recent visit to her in the hospital, he meets Sugou Nobuyuki.

Sword Art Online: The End of the World

Season 1 Episode 14

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Game over.

Sword Art Online: Edge of Hell’s Abyss

Season 1 Episode 13

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While enjoying a fishing tournament Kirito receives an urgent e-mail from the leader of the guild requesting their return.

Sword Art Online: Yui’s Heart

Season 1 Episode 12

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Yulier, second in command, of the Liberation Army has approached Kirito and Asuna for help saving her friend and her guild.

Sword Art Online: The Girl of Morning Dew

Season 1 Episode 11

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The newly married couple is enjoying their time away from the front lines, but a new guest will take them all the way back to the beginning.

Sword Art Online: Crimson Killing Intent

Season 1 Episode 10

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Kirito has agreed to a duel with the head of the Blood Alliance Knights. If Kirito wins, Asuna is free to leave the Knights and if he loses...

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