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Gurren Lagann BD Set (Imported)Gurren Lagann BD Set (Imported)

Blu-ray Specs
Languages: Japanese / English (*Japanese only for movies/bonus contents)
Subtitles: English (*doesn’t include bonus contents)
Total Run Time: Over 1405 min!

∗ Includes 15 discs! (10 Blu-ray discs + 5 CDs)
∗ Regenerated to HD format
∗ 27 Episodes and an unaired Ep.6
∗ Textless Openings and Endings
∗ The Movie – Childhood’s End
∗ The Movie – The Lights in the Sky are Stars
∗ The Movie Textless Endings
∗ Gurren Lagann Parallel Works (Music Videos)
∗ Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 2 (Music Videos)
∗ Gurren Lagann Kirameki☆Yoko Box –Pieces of sweet stars- (“S*t*a*S” PV)
∗ Eve of Gurren Lagann the Movie (Movie Event footage, Special Drama “Viral’s Sweet Dream”)
∗OVA Ep.5.5 “My Gurren is Shiny!!” (included in DS Game Soft “Gurren Lagann”)

∗ “Yoko Goes to GAINAX – Study Animation at GAINAX-”
∗ “It’s Summertime! Drills! Gurren Lagann Festival!!”
∗ SAZIGEN 3DCG Test Animation Footage
* ”Believe in the answer that you believe in!! Gurren Lagann Quiz Contest!”
* The Movie –Childhood’s End- Premier Event Documentary
* The Movie –The Lights in the Sky Are Stars- Premier Event Documentary
* ”VOICES –Testimony of 26 people-“ (Staff Interviews)
* Exclusive Drama CD “Otoko no Jouken (Conditions of a Man)! Gurren Lagann” written by Kazuki Nakashima (Screenplay)
* “Otoko Ippiki (Lone Man) Gurren Lagann” (TV Series DVD Bonus Drama CD)
* “Otoko Doahou (Fool Man) Gurren Lagann” (the 1st Movie DVD Bonus Drama CD)
* “Otoko Gumi Dayo (Men’s Team) Gurren Lagann” ((the 2nd Movie DVD Bonus Drama CD)
* Original Sound Source of “Gurren Lagann Parallel Works 2” and “Kirameki☆Yoko Box –Pieces of sweet stars-“

* Exclusive digipaks newly illustrated by Atsushi Nishigori (Character Design)
* Exclusive box newly illustrated by You Yoshinari (Mechanical Design)
* Hard cover book of enormous production materials including never-published initial conceptual art
* Illustration Book: cover art illustrated by Hiroyuki Imaishi (Director)

RELEASE DATE: 06/26/13
SRP: $669.98
STORE PRICE: $549.98



Gurren Lagann

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