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Since ancient times long past, this world has been ruled by two tarot cards. Diablos Tarot—The tarot of the devil that feasts on the souls of living humans and uses that nourishment to bring countless pain and suffering. Elemental Tarot—The tarot that draws its energy from the power of nature in order to oppose the Diablos Tarot. Girls chosen from 22 different bloodlines become the wielders of the Elemental Tarot, plunging themselves into this secret battle. To maintain the balance of this world… While carrying unbearable guilt… Are they executioners? Or saviors? This is the story of the long, long battle fought by girls who cannot escape the fate they bear.

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Day Break Illusion: The Sun’s Smile

Season 1 Episode 13

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Within the Clessidra, Akari keeps reliving the 2nd anniversary of her mother's death. Akari keeps trying to find answers from Fuyuna, who she ended up killing and to choose her own fate. Also, Seira, Luna, and Ginka t...

Day Break Illusion: Choosing Your Destiny

Season 1 Episode 12

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Seira is deeply hurt about the fact that she is forced to fight her friend, but will not let go of the dagger. Akari learns the truth about herself and goes to Cerebrum to ask what it is that he really wants. In retur...

Day Break Illusion: Your Path

Season 1 Episode 11

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Being forced out of Sefiro Fiore, Akari and the others head to the Mansion of Fortune-telling seeking help. Feeling lost and helpless, Seira continues to search for Luna alone and eventually finds her, but...  

Day Break Illusion: Like Burning Away…

Season 1 Episode 10

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Controlled by Cerebrum because of the Daemonia he infected her with, Luna, in the form of a wolf, heads to Sefiro Fiore. Akari and Seira are unsure how to counter Luna's attacks. Meanwhile, the counterpart cards for "...

Day Break Illusion: The Moon’s Light, the Sun’s Shadow

Season 1 Episode 9

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After fighting with her "counterpart card", Ginka was annihilated. Sefiro Fiore has become silent, as if it's now an empty void. Due to fright and shock, Luna locks herself in her room. Because of that, Etia allows he...

Day Break Illusion: The Overflowing Water

Season 1 Episode 8

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Akari and the others are informed that if they fight someone with the same card power as they have, that causes the power and existence of the other card holder to disappear. Finally, the mysterious man makes a move w...

Day Break Illusion: A Lovely Holiday

Season 1 Episode 7

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Etia and Ariel recieve a report stating that the user of "The Lovers" card has disappeared. While they look further into the matter, Etia gives the girls a day off. Not knowing everything that's going on, the four gir...

Day Break Illusion: To the Ends With the Star

Season 1 Episode 6

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Seira feels even stronger about it being useless for Akari to hear the voices of the Daemonia. Meanwhile, Seira and Ginka go out shopping and coincidentally meet two girls. Seeing them reminds Seira of her best friend...

Day Break Illusion: Ah, Money, Money! How Many Sad Things Must Occur in This World Due to Money?

Season 1 Episode 5

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Ginka's father, Yataro, has come to visit Sefiro Fiore. His store chain, "Sancho Panza" is a hit, so he invites Ginka and the others to a party. They find out that their benefactor, Honda, is about to file for bankrup...

Day Break Illusion: Is This a Painting?

Season 1 Episode 4

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After Akari finds out that she can hear the voices of the Daemonia, she decides that she will participate in the fight. Meanwhile, a girl named Kiyone who goes to the Nagataki Art College, is getting ready for the upc...

Day Break Illusion: Voices of Condolence

Season 1 Episode 3

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Akari runs away from the organization, saying she can't fight anymore. A Daemonia appears, and Akari tries to run away from the fight. Meltina and Priscilla show up to save her, but for some reason, Akari stops them f...

Day Break Illusion: The Blood-Soaked Future

Season 1 Episode 2

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Akari, who has been brought to Sephiro Fiore, finds out about the organization from. Akari finds out that her mother, Hinata, had the same powers. She joins her fellow newcomers, Seira, Ginka, and Luna as they head of...

Day Break Illusion: Dark Spot of the Sun

Season 1 Episode 1

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Akari lives with her aunt and uncle and her cousin, Fuyuna. She looks up to her mother, Hinata, who had passed away a few years back. Her mother was a fortune teller and Akari has been obsessed with Tarot cards lately...