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Half a year after the turmoil that rocked the entire city of Ikebukuro, peace has once again returned to the city and people are living each day normally. The high schools students enjoy their days of youth as the strongest and most dangerous man of Ikebukuro works diligently. The informant plots a new scheme and the headless rider is pursued by the cops as she rides through the night… But soon this normal will be cut short by the abnormal. Slowly but surely, the unknown will seize the city and face an all new storm.

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Durarara!!x2 (Dub): A Cat Has Nine Lives

Season 1 Episode 19

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Everyone involved with Ruri is becoming the target of the stalker. Shizuo and Masaomi find themselves caught up in the action and encounter a member of Blue Square in the midst of it. With Anri in imminent danger, Mas...

Durarara!!x2 (Dub): A Crow in the Dark Night

Season 1 Episode 6

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A sudden attack strikes Celty. Shinra waits at home for her return, unaware of what’s happened, and is visited by Shizuo, who brings along the mysterious young girl. Mikado hears of a bad rumor about the Dollars and s...

Durarara!!x2 (Dub): A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words (Dub)

Season 1 Episode 1

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Half a year has passed. The city of Ikebukuro seemingly remains unchanged, but foreign elements are slipping in, the serial killer known as “Hollywood” being one of them. The fuse to a new series of events begins to s...

Durarara!!x2 (Dub): A Rumor Only Lasts Seventy-Five Days

Season 1 Episode 16

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Rumors spread about “Ikebukuro’s most dangerous man,” claiming things like, “He’s injured. He has a girlfriend. He has a child.” After her defeat by Shizuo, Varona has lost her sense of purpose. At Dennis’ suggestion,...

Durarara!!x2 (Dub): A Tiger Dies and Leaves His Skin

Season 1 Episode 32

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Izaya and Shizuo prepare to face off as the city fills with a mob possessed by Saika.

Durarara!!x2 (Dub): Adding Insult to Injury

Season 1 Episode 3

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The idol Ruri Hijiribe and actor Yuhei Hanejima; two people who, despite being hugely popular, remain a mystery. A chance meeting gives them reason to reveal their secrets to one another. Meanwhile, the various situat...

Durarara!!x2 (Dub): Adversity Makes a Man Wise

Season 1 Episode 12

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The flashpoints that had been smoldering in several places unleash major mayhem, swallowing the city of Ikebukuro. In this mayhem, Mikado’s answer is given.

Durarara!!x2 (Dub): All in the Same Boat

Season 1 Episode 27

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By one girl’s hand, the existence of the head is made known to the public. In response to the news, Mikado makes a phone call. Meanwhile, Haruna makes a proposal to Anri…

Durarara!!x2 (Dub): Asleep or Awake

Season 1 Episode 17

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It’s summer, and Anri has begun to worry about Mikado. The popular idol Ruri has been plagued by a malicious stalker. It seems that stalker is in the Dollars. In an attempt to obtain information, Yuhei and Ruri visit ...

Durarara!!x2 (Dub): Bell the Cat

Season 1 Episode 26

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Anri seeks out Erika at the hospital, but they have a few unexpected encounters before they can talk. Meanwhile, other women throughout the city begin to take action.

Durarara!!x2 (Dub): Birds of a Feather

Season 1 Episode 23

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Kadota was in a hit-and-run and the resulting rumors have Saburo and Walker taking action. In an effort to get information on the Dollars, Shuji Niekawa contacts Haruya Shiki. Meanwhile, Akabayashi follows up with Iza...

Durarara!!x2 (Dub): Blessed Are the Foolish

Season 1 Episode 22

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Various people begin to move around the Dollars. Learning of Mikado’s current situation, Masaomi revives the Yellow Scarves and in his determination to crush the Dollars, approaches Kyohei. Meanwhile, we learn more of...

Durarara!!x2 (Dub): Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Season 1 Episode 28

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Chikage approaches the Yellow Scarves with a choice, “Have your gang taken over, or have it destroyed.” While Masaomi decides how to respond to this, Anri learns more about Saika and must make a decision of her own.

Durarara!!x2 (Dub): Eloquent and Competent

Season 1 Episode 21

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Using a number of pseudonyms, Izaya has continued to cause an uproar from behind the scenes. One of these pseudonyms is a story that goes back 12 years ago, from the time he was a middle school student along with Shinra.

Durarara!!x2 (Dub): Even a Chance Acquaintance Is Decreed by Destiny

Season 1 Episode 25

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Advancing the internal purge of the Dollars, Mikado tries to realize his ideal, which is leading to a clash with the Yellow Scarves. Various incidents are further entangled as another uproar occurs in Ikebukuro, and t...

Durarara!!x2 (Dub): Harmony Is the Greatest of Virtues

Season 1 Episode 2

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Due to her appearance on TV, Celty Sturluson has gained even more attention and 10 million yen is being offered to uncover her identity. Meanwhile, Raira Academy welcomes its new students, which includes Mairu and Kur...

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