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In the 14th year of the Tenpo era, there was a secret shrine for “Bansha Aratamesho” (a research institution for foreign literature and learners) under the city of Edo. To the public, this organization was punishing the scholars who studied the Western Culture. However, this organization’s true mission was far more significant. Bansha Aratamesho was responsible to slay the “Yoh-is”, the evil spirits with flesh and blood from another world, that were expanding into Edo. Bansha Aratamesho is not an official organization. Members do not have the typical credentials to be the vassal of Shogun. It consists of a man who lost his memory, a man who was raised in a mountain and a girl who dresses up in a man’s outfit. Their special powers are yet to be known, but they all have special abilities that help slay the Yoh-is.The code name given to them is – “Ayashi”. Ayashis collect all types of information that seems bizarre. With thorough investigation, they locate the Yoh-is and hunt them down.

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Ghost Slayers Ayashi: Earthly Paradise

Season 1 Episode 29

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Saizo tells Yukiatsu and the others that she cannot return to the Ayashi and vanishes with Choei. Genbatsu and the others follow them and find the shrine that Mamiya was said to have visited. There, they encounter a g...

Ghost Slayers Ayashi: Fox Theater

Season 1 Episode 8

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A person disappears in the theatre town, leaving just a mask behind. While investigating, the Ayashi are surrounded by luminous golden foxes. They make it out with Yukiatsu's powers, but Saizo refuses his help and...

Ghost Slayers Ayashi: Three Yukiatsus

Season 1 Episode 19

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A man claiming to be Yukiatsu Ryudo appears in the city of Edo. Ogasawara decides they will visit Yukiatsu's childhood home to investigate the imposter

Ghost Slayers Ayashi: Myth

Season 1 Episode 30

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Choei's sword cuts down the Divine Maiden. With her death, the rock wall before them crumbles, revealing a large block of ice with a dark shadow. It is the god of the heavens "Susa-no-O", who is said to ...

Ghost Slayers Ayashi: Front and Back

Season 1 Episode 9

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Yukiatsu and the others arrive to rescue Saizo and find her surrounded by foxes, already possessed by the mask Youi. Leaping outside, Saizo's dancing awakens the spirits in Edo. Ogasawara makes the decision to dis...

Ghost Slayers Ayashi: Shinobazu Pond Lullaby

Season 1 Episode 20

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Yukiatsu is reunited with his mother, who urges him to return to the House and take the place of the missing adopted son. Ogasawara persuades Yukiatsu to accept this proposal. The other Ayashi try to capture the boy c...

Ghost Slayers Ayashi: A Maiden’s Dance, Fragrance of Spring Flowers

Season 1 Episode 10

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Saizo heads for the theatre town, still possessed by the mask Youi. Yukiatsu tries to draw out Ayagami from Saizo but she refuses, fearful of having the meaning of her name revealed. Saizo claims she is a wrongdoer, a...

Ghost Slayers Ayashi: To Perish in the Starlit Night

Season 1 Episode 21

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A Youi heads for Edo and turns young maidens into monsters, one after another. The Ayashi mobilize to capture it, using Saizo and Atl as bait. But Yozo Torii was trying to cover up the existence of "the Western O...

Ghost Slayers Ayashi: Nikko Fey Road

Season 1 Episode 11

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Yukiatsu departs for Nikko with Ogasawara, but their way is overrun with Youi. Honjo and his group also move to destroy Youi. Ogasawara's old friend, Kanou follows Honjo, waiting for a chance to exact his revenge....

Ghost Slayers Ayashi: The Drunk Who Does Not Come Home

Season 1 Episode 22

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Well water has been turned into sake and the Ayashi mobilize. The cause is a water Youi in Edo's aqueducts, but it is hard to track, as it has burrowed underground. Meanwhile, Atl meets a warrior sentenced to die ...

Ghost Slayers Ayashi: The Youi Cometh

Season 1 Episode 1

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Edo, Tenpo Year 14. The Ayashi of the Office of Barbarian Knowledge Enforcement secretly investigate the existence of a Youi. Yukiatsu Ryudo encounters a mother and son and gives them refuge, but the Other World appea...

Ghost Slayers Ayashi: Hakuryu Howls To the Moon

Season 1 Episode 12

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Honjo and the others come across stone said to possess strange powers, but it's stolen by a mysterious group, the Western Ones, who raise an enormous Youi. Yukiatsu fights using Ayagami, but is no match. Meanwhile...

Ghost Slayers Ayashi: Inba Swamp Construction Along the Old Canal

Season 1 Episode 23

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A succession of accidents occurs during construction at Inba Swamp. It is rumored to be the work of a fiend called a black goblin. A youth named Tasaku comes to Edo to get the construction halted. Yukiatsu encounters ...

Ghost Slayers Ayashi: After the Fall of the Mountain God

Season 1 Episode 2

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Mixed up in the fight between the two Youi from the Other World, Yukiatsu, Tae, and Outa are taken to Hozaburo's estate. But the Youi Yamago appears at the estate and Outa disappears during the commotion. Yukiatsu hea...

Ghost Slayers Ayashi: Heaven, Hell, and a Book of Rumors

Season 1 Episode 13

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Atl is hiding in a courtesan house where a young artist, Kyousai Kawanabe, is being attended. After walking with police hand Tamahei, Kyousai becomes interested in the Ayashi. He is dazzled by Atl's beauty, who is...

Ghost Slayers Ayashi: Fantasy of the Latter Southern Court

Season 1 Episode 24

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Atl summons a gigantic Youi named Giei from the Other World. Its appearance causes the Inba Swamp to be swallowed up by an avalanche of debris. The Western Ones appear before the Ayashi amidst this chaos. Using talism...

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