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In a bleak future where humanity is forced to live underground, a fourteen year-old boy named Simon is assigned the task of digging tunnels to expand his village. But Simon stumbles across a fantastic device, and with the help of many other friends, they use the robots power to fight against their oppressors and take back the surface.

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Gurren Lagann: Bust Through the Heavens With Your Drill

Season 1 Episode 1

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Living underground in Giha Village, Simon and Kamina dream of a life on the surface. When their home is invaded from above, it is up to them to activate the mysterious mecha Lagann and save their village.

Gurren Lagann: I Said I’m Gonna Pilot That Thing!

Season 1 Episode 2

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Now that they've made it to the surface, Simon and Kamina must join together with Yoko and her village to defeat the Beastmen pursuing them.

Gurren Lagann: Who Do You Think You Are, Having Two Faces!?

Season 1 Episode 3

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Kamina and Simon must work together to defeat a dangerous new Beastman threat.

Gurren Lagann: Having Lots of Faces Doesn’t Make You Great!

Season 1 Episode 4

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Team Gurren must work together with the eccentric Black Syblings to take down a Beastman foe on empty stomachs.

Gurren Lagann: I Don’t Get It, Not One Bit!

Season 1 Episode 5

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Team Gurren must find their way out of a strange underground village where they worship Gunmen as divine beings.

Gurren Lagann: Sit in the Hot Tub ‘Til You’re Sick

Season 1 Episode 6

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Continuing to the Gunmen rallying point, Team Gurren finds themselves on a strange hot springs getaway.

Gurren Lagann: You’re Gonna Do It!!

Season 1 Episode 7

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Thymilph, one of the Four Divine Generals of the mysterious Spiral King, arrives to support Viral's Enki, with the massive mobile Gunmen fortress, the Dai-Ganzan. Kamina and Simon pilot the Gurren-Lagann against seemi...

Gurren Lagann: Later, Buddy

Season 1 Episode 8

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Having temporarily stalled Viral and Thymilph in the last skirmish, the Team Gurren and their newly arrived allies join forces as "Team Dai-Gurren" and launch a decisive strike against the regrouping Gunmen force.

Gurren Lagann: What, Exactly, Is a Human?

Season 1 Episode 9

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Team Dai-Gurren is still mourning on Kamina's death. Simon notices a Gunman throw a capsule into a deep valley. He inspects it and is able to open it, and inside is a human girl named Nia, but their introduction is cu...

Gurren Lagann: Who Is This Bro?

Season 1 Episode 10

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Having been temporarily spared by Adiane, another of the Four Divine Generals, Team Dai-Gurren uses the reprieve to reassess their situation. Nia learns of Kamina's significance in Simon's erratic behavior and offers ...

Gurren Lagann: Simon, Hands Off

Season 1 Episode 11

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Team Dai-Gurren falls into a trap set by the third member of the Four Divine Generals, Guame. The Team is taken captive and stored underground to await execution. While digging an escape path, Simon finally understand...

Gurren Lagann: Yoko, Will You Do Me a Favor?

Season 1 Episode 12

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On their way to Teppelin, the Beastmen's capital city, Team Dai-Gurren stumbles upon a vast ocean and must wait for modifications on the Dai-Gurren to be completed before crossing it. While the rest of the group play ...

Gurren Lagann: Eat Up, Everyone!

Season 1 Episode 13

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Trying to do her part in Team Dai-Gurren, Nia decides to become a cook, but just before the crew have a taste of her dishes, Cytomander, the fourth member of the Divine Generals, launches an aerial attack on the Dai-G...

Gurren Lagann: Well Met, Everyone

Season 1 Episode 14

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At last, Team Dai-Gurren arrives at the outskirts of Teppelin, but before aiming to the city, they must face a combined full-scale attack of Cytomander and Guame's forces.

Gurren Lagann: I Will Head Towards Tomorrow

Season 1 Episode 15

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The last of the Divine Generals fall, and the city of Teppelin collapses, revealing a Gunman of gigantic proportions. Simon and Nia struggle to pass through it in order to confront her father, the Spiral King himself....

Gurren Lagann: Compilation Episode

Season 1 Episode 16

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A recap of the story's events, as of episode 15.

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