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A young boy, Aladin, travels a mysterious continent that is home to a mysterious ruin known as the “Dungeon,” in which great treasure is said to lay hidden. During his travels, the young boy meets Alibaba, and together they attempt to clear the “Dungeon” in order to claim the treasures within. As their quest brings about new encounters and farewells, Aladin will come to learn of his true destiny.

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Magi: Alibaba and Aladdin

Season 1 Episode 25

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The eight generals of Sindria defeat Apollonius, while Aladdin, Morgiana and Hakuryu try to save Alibaba from the Black Rukh. Isnan is defeated by Sinbad. Aladdin is saved by Alibaba with Cassim's help.

Magi: The Fall

Season 1 Episode 24

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The battle between Al-Thamen, and the Kingdom of Sindria is underway. The Eight Generals are countering Al-Thamen's assault. Dunya is in Full-body Dark Djinn Equip mode. As Isnan goads him into despising his own fate,...

Magi: Battle Cry

Season 1 Episode 23

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Isnan, an emissary from Al-Thamen, appears with Princess Dunya of the now-defunct nation, Musta'sim. She insults Alibaba by calling him a "prince whose country was overrun and destroyed." In her hand is the same Dark ...

Magi: Household of Flames

Season 1 Episode 22

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Hakuryu sees who Alibaba really is, and decides to fight by his side. No longer blocked by emotional walls, the four unite to take on the challenge of capturing Zagan. As Sinbad and the others watch over them, an unex...

Magi: The Dungeon Zagan

Season 1 Episode 21

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Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana, and Hakuryu head for the dungeon, Zagan, which is on the island of Tran. As it's his first dungeon-capturing expedition, Hakuryu seems overeager. A voice calling out, "Hate him... kill him....

Magi: The Two Princes

Season 1 Episode 20

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Hakuryu confesses the real reason why he came to Sindria to Sinbad, and asks for his assistance. Sinbad suggests that Hakuryu work with Alibaba so that he can learn about the outside world. Meanwhile, the wound Alibab...

Magi: The Name of the Culprit is Sinbad

Season 1 Episode 19

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In Sindria, Aladdin and Alibaba begin training under two of Sinbad’s "Eight Generals," - Alibaba under Sharrkan, and Aladdin under Yamraiha. Two visitors arrive from the Kou Empire - the fourth prince, Hakuryu Ren, an...

Magi: Kingdom of Sindria

Season 1 Episode 18

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Alibaba works furiously to rebuild Balbadd. A giant fleet of ships from the Kou Empire is advancing towards them. Sinbad forces Alibaba to escape. Several month later, the story has moved to an island nation of the So...

Magi: Smile

Season 1 Episode 17

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Aladdin returns to guide both Alibaba and Cassim, who's turned into a Dark Djinn. After joining forces with Aladdin to resurrect Amon's broken sword, Alibaba takes on the Dark Djinn, diving deep into his arms. Can Ali...

Magi: Solomon’s Wisdom

Season 1 Episode 16

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Cassim has transformed into a Dark Djinn. He launches an attack against everyone inside the palace, in order to settle a longstanding grudge. Alibaba, despite being injured, gets back up again and again. Just then... ...

Magi: Cassim’s Answer

Season 1 Episode 15

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In response to Alibaba’s declaration of Balbadd as a republic, Cassim comes up with an answer of his own. He convinces the citizens that the royal family is the enemy. And so Fate, which had been on the brink of becom...

Magi: Alibaba’s Answer

Season 1 Episode 14

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Alibaba tells Abhmad to step down, as Kogyoku tries to stop the commotion. Sinbad arrives with representatives of the Alliance of Seven Seas. As Alibaba declares to the people that Balbadd shall be a republic, Cassim ...

Magi: A Prince in Revolt

Season 1 Episode 13

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Abhmad sends the royal guards from the Kou Empire to kill Alibaba. Morgiana helps Alibaba defeat them. Sinbad learns about it and goes to the palace too. Alibaba reaches the throne room where Abhmad orders his guards ...

Magi: Decisions and Farewells

Season 1 Episode 12

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Sabhmad warns Alibaba that Abhmad will marry one of the Kou Empire's princesses. Sinbad tells Alibaba he must assume the throne of Balbadd. Cassim reveals to Alibaba he will start a rebellion. Alibaba asks Sinbad to t...

Magi: A New Visitor

Season 1 Episode 11

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An unimaginable battle between Aladdin and Judar has begun. Aladdin counters Judar's magic spells with Ugo who starts to move independently of Aladdin's will and drives Judar into submission. Kogyoku Ren, a princess o...

Magi: His Name Is Judar

Season 1 Episode 10

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Sinbad has joined the Fog Troop and takes Alibaba to the palace. Here Alibaba appeals for the welfare of the people, but King Ahbmad dismisses his words. With the arrival of the priest of the Kou Empire, Judar, events...

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