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The adventures of a young master Samurai who helps a struggling martial arts school in Meiji era Japan.

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Rurouni Kenshin: Elegy of Water and Wind

Season 3 Episode 42

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With Kenshin's help, the Wind family derails their rival's plan to redirect the flow of the Ki and ends their effort to dominate Japan

Rurouni Kenshin: Just Pieces of the Puzzle

Season 3 Episode 41

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With help from the Wind family's leader, Kenshin saves Kaoru's life. But the Water family's quest to redirect the Ki and gain control of Japan moves ahead as planned.

Rurouni Kenshin: War of Ki

Season 3 Episode 40

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The Water family's efforts to gain control of the Ki have left Kaoru seriously wounded.

Rurouni Kenshin: Scary Inheritance

Season 3 Episode 39

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As Kenshin learns of a battle between the Wind and Water families for control of the Ki, efforts to build a railroad are exposed as a Water clan plot to control Japan

Rurouni Kenshin: Feng Shui

Season 3 Episode 38

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Following a series of accidents in town, a master of feng shui blames an imbalance in the Ki, a force which keeps all of nature's other forces in balance

Rurouni Kenshin: To My Angel Misao: Message from Kyoto

Season 3 Episode 37

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As Aoshi arrives to bring her home, Misao joins Kaoru and some friends for a final shopping spree. However, Sanosuke and Yahiko's efforts to keep an eye on the women lead to them to be mistaken for a pair of thieves

Rurouni Kenshin: The Two Guideposts: Yahiko and Yutaro’s Eternal Promise

Season 3 Episode 36

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As he faces off against the Black Knight's leader, Kenshin must rely on his brains and not his sword to win the battle.

Rurouni Kenshin: Schnider’s Bet: Defeat of the Black Knight

Season 3 Episode 35

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After their search leads them to the hidden cure, the leader of the Black Knights makes it clear that he has no intention of honoring his promise to cede control of Japan to the Sanada Ninjas.

Rurouni Kenshin: The Three Sanadas: the Red Heat That Fly from Deep Under the Ground

Season 3 Episode 34

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After surviving a fall into a volcano, the Peace Force comes across an injured Sanada Ninja who offers to help battle his former allies.

Rurouni Kenshin: Straying Journey: a Trap of God Crossing That Was Set up

Season 3 Episode 33

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Using the clues left behind by Dr. Hans, Kenshin and company are led to the hidden shrine that holds the key to the miracle cure.

Rurouni Kenshin: Sanada Ninja Group and the Miraculous Medicine: the Targ

Season 3 Episode 32

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When a letter from Dr. Hans reveals the story of the miraculous medicine, Yutaro joins the Peace Force in an effort to find it.

Rurouni Kenshin: Ambition of the Black Wolves

Season 3 Episode 31

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With his arm nearly healed, Yutaro and his doctor arrive for a visit at the dojo.

Rurouni Kenshin: More Precious Than Money

Season 3 Episode 30

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Though Daigoro is wounded in the battle, Kenshin and company free Itsuko.

Rurouni Kenshin: Showdown in Shinagawa

Season 3 Episode 29

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Despite Kaishu's determination to free his daughter on his own, Kenshin joins the Peace Force and Daigoro for a rescue.

Rurouni Kenshin: The Ending of Tokugawa Era: an Order from Heaven

Season 3 Episode 28

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As Kaoru continues her training of Daigoro, Kenshin is warned to steer clear of the young man's teacher, Kaishu Katsu.

Rurouni Kenshin: The Fate of Two Guys Who Lived at the End of the Tokugawa Era

Season 3 Episode 27

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Kaoru offers to take on a scholarly young student who's been expelled by his teacher until he learns how to fight.

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