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Kirigaya Kazuto has beaten death twice but there is one more thing he must do.


Sword Art Online

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  • Robert 3 years ago

    This is the greatest series I have ever watched

  • Nick R 3 years ago

    This is certainly one of the greats. No question.
    Best part is how it nicely wrapped up all the loose ends from beginning to end.
    That’s a rare thing in anime… a complete story. Well done.

  • JBoo13 3 years ago

    yeah of course like a lot of others I have watch tons and tons of anime. But I can say it took me a day and a half and I finished all of it.. Great series and cant wait till next month for new release. Best anime show I have watched and ive watched some good ones. Does anyone know the correct time and date and what program itll be on..